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Announcing our Partnership with Women in Sports Tech

Comcast NBCUniversal SportsTech is proud to be a WiST (Women in Sports Tech) partner. Their initiative to change the ratio by providing more opportunities to all communities of women starts at middle school. Joining companies such as IBM Sports, Nike, NBA/WNBA, and AEG Worldwide, we recognize the importance of bringing more diverse voices on the playing fields and into the technology that attaches to it.

As part of the WiST story, our team is excited to announce our continued involvement and partnership with their team, with the sponsorship of a WiST fellow to join our team to source the best sports tech startups.

“WiST is an impressive organization that we are proud to support and we are excited to have a fellow join our SportsTech Accelerator team this summer,” said Jenna Kurath, Vice-President of Startup Partner Development and Head of SportsTech & The Farm at Comcast. 

“Comcast is a new WiST partner, and it aims to show young women that they can work in various sports sectors even if they are not athletes and not men. The Comcast fellows will work on vetting the thousands of startups from around the world that apply to be part of Comcast’s Accelerator program. One of the things we noticed early on was the percentage of female founders was particularly low compared to what we were expecting within the industry itself, and so this opportunity for the fellowship will be to actually join our deal sourcing team.” 

Click here for the full Forbes article on Women in Sports Tech and help amplify WiST’s mission by resharing this tweet.

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