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At Comcast SportsTech, we scout, recruit and coach innovative sports tech entrepreneurs on building successful and sustainable business relationships with the biggest sports organizations in the world.
We look for companies that use tech to enhance these 8 investment areas:
“Thank you for the opportunity to be in the Comcast SportsTech Accelerator. We have had an unbelievable amount of doors opened to us and we could not be more thankful!”
Matthew Weisman
Founder, LetzChat

Here’s How We’ll Work With You:


Build a Strong Foundation

Our accelerator program will provide you with ample opportunities to examine and strengthen the essentials to building and scaling a successful business that fits into the world of sports—from partnering with the biggest names in the industry to providing your team with all of the components and knowledge to set you up for success.

Our partners are your partners. No other program offers founders the opportunity to work directly with industry leaders like the ones in our consortium.

We will work with your team to:

  • Identify target commercial opportunities and tap into new markets
  • Review and improve business models [financial, sales, pricing, etc.] that impact the bottom line of your business
  • Connect your unique story to expanded public relations, news worthy events, and the broader sports industry

Master Your Core Strategy

We provide the time, space, and feedback to quickly build, test, iterate, and learn directly from our Partners and the SportsTech team — the necessary ingredients to get traction with the broad consortium of industry connections we facilitate. Comcast SportsTech will help founders grow products / services, refine their business models, tell their stories, and benefit from the unique assets and talent of Comcast NBCUniversal.

We will work with your team to:

  • Identify and articulate your company’s key value
  • Experiment on core assumptions to validate your direction
  • Build successful storytelling that engages customers and startup investors

Our Partners are Your Advisors

What separates Comcast SportsTech from other accelerators is access to a global network of partners that will serve as your advisors, coaches, experts, and mentors. Our program provides a unique collaboration between four of Comcast NBCUniversal’s sports brands – NBC Sports, Sky Sports, Comcast Spectacor and Golf – alongside external partners NASCAR, and PGA TOUR, and three US Olympic sports organizations: U.S. Ski & Snowboard, USA Swimming, and USA Cycling. Together, they’ll assist you every step of the way, encouraging your progress and cheering for your success.

We will work with your team to:

  • Connect you to the perfect partners from Comcast’s global network
  • Tap our network to learn about ways to sidestep the difficult issues you’ll encounter around branding, financial, legal, sales, marketing and fundraising
  • Our vast alumni network puts you in contact with fellow founders and company builders

Our Partners  /  Your Advisors

“Being part of the SportsTech Accelerator is like going back to business school - but it’s entrepreneurial and focused with a sports technology slant. It's been really rewarding to be able to learn from these global experts in the sports technology space. It’s been a phenomenal learning experience and it's really helped us to refine our product to refine the story behind it and to really dive deep into the areas where we can make the most impact.”
Chris Gardner
Chief Product Officer, TipTap
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As part of our accelerator, you gain access to:

Our unrivaled sports partner consortium delivers the top sports tech companies with the top sports partners.
Custom experience designed to accelerate your company’s development with sports industry decision-makers.
Handpicked industry experts that will serve as advisors to help you navigate the company / sports ecosystem.
1-on-1 support and unrivaled industry expertise that provides founders unique insights into how to navigate the complex and matrixed sports business ecosystem.
Connections to our investor network from leading tech companies and sports organizations.
Over $1.7M in industry perks plus an investment in common stock equity.

Unlike traditional corporate and startup accelerators that mainly benefit investors, our Innovation Platforms apply our highly experienced dedicated team, commitment to exclusivity, and a truly bespoke design to deliver exceptional ROI based on your unique business goals.

Boomtown works with only one organization in a given market segment, ensuring our partner realizes all the benefits. We harness the power of company innovation to complement your internal initiatives, address industry-specific challenges, and create a long-term competitive advantage for your organization.

Boomtown Accelerators, a Boulder, Colorado-based organization has invested in more than:

Generating Revenue
Capital Raised
active and acquired companies
Minority Founded
Female Founded
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What types of companies are you looking for?

We’re a sports technology accelerator, and we look for teams that are developing a product with a technology focus that fits within one of our verticals. However, some of the best solutions land outside of those constraints.


The most important thing to remember is that we are looking for teams that are solving problems our partners find particularly interesting. We look for teams with coachable founders who are solving meaningful problems and we encourage teams from around the globe to apply.

Is my company too early/too far along?

Successful teams in our program are ready to scale and take advantage of the many opportunities you will be presented with. The ideal company has a product that is mature enough that if one of our partners expresses interest in working with them, the company will be able to execute on a pilot within a reasonable period of time (a few weeks, vs a few months). Most companies coming in have many existing, paying enterprise customers and have raised capital (typically late seed to Series A). This is not a requirement, but it usually signifies that you are ready to scale.


If your company would benefit from pilot and commercial opportunities with our partners which include NBC Sports, NASCAR, WWE, Sky Sports, and more, then you aren’t too far along, and this program may be for you: let’s have a conversation. We want to make sure our interests are aligned, and that this is what is best for your company.

Do I have to be based in Atlanta for the 6-month program?

Our program is hybrid. Most content and sessions will be fully remote, with 3 in person events throughout the program. These events will be an opportunity to build additional relationships with our partners and their executives.

When does the program run?

The 2024 program runs February to September, with a showcase event at the end of September.

What if I have made significant changes to my application? How do I provide updates?

On your F6S application, there is an option to provide updates to your application. We append these updates to your application.

Do you accept founders from outside of the U.S.?

Yes, we welcome applicants from around the world. In fact, over 40% of the companies in our program are international.

What is the value of the program?

Our program focuses almost exclusively on providing pilot and commercial deal opportunities between enterprise-ready, mature companies, and our consortium of partners that you see listed here.

How many companies are chosen?

We only select 10 companies a year, and you work hand in hand with the executives at our partner organizations to get deals done.

How do I get into the program?

The first step is to fill out an application (this should take less than 15 minutes to do). We invite top prospects to interview with us, and the goal of this step is to identify whether your company is generally in an area which aligns with the innovation priorities of our partners. It is important to note that our partners are the ones who make the final decisions, which is critical to maximizing the likelihood of entering into pilot and commercial deals. Based on these interviews, we select the top 50 companies to put in front of our partners, and from there the selection process turns to what our partners want, until it is narrowed down to 10 companies who get invited.

How do you decide what companies are selected?

After the top 50 are selected, our partners review these companies. Based on their feedback, we narrow down the applicant pool to 25 companies and if your company makes it to this stage, you will interview directly with the executives at our partner organizations. In this interview you get the opportunity to discuss what potential deals might look like between you and the partners and whether the direction of your company aligns with future opportunities on our partners’ innovation roadmaps. We then extend an invitation to the companies who have the strongest and most numerous partner opportunities, and sign final agreements to join the program with 10 companies.

What does it cost to join Comcast SportsTech?

There is an equity component required to be a part of our program. This equity component we negotiate with each company based on maturity, partner interest, funds raised, etc. We are all about transparency, and so we make sure you have as clear a picture as possible as to which partners are interested before you even receive an offer in order to inform your decision; we actually want to make sure the equity exchange is almost a “no brainer” relative to the opportunity.

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