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SportsTech Monthly Roundup 30: SportsTech Alumni Posting Big Wins

As we continue to whittle down to our top 10 startups joining us in February, we thought it would be fun to check in with some of our alumni from the last two programs.

In our new series, The Roster, we chat with our alumni founders to learn what they’re currently accomplishing in the sports tech landscape. We think you’ll be amazed at all the exciting things they’re working on now!

👏 Alumni News 👏

The Roster: Keeping Up With the Alums | Via: Inside Track 

We recently spent time catching up and chatting with our alumni about what they’ve been working on and what they hope to accomplish in the future. Here are excerpts from those conversations and highlights of what they’re working on at the moment, and some interesting recommendations from the books and podcasts they are learning from at the moment.

Here are a few highlights from the founders we featured: 

  • nVenue has already made a splash in the world of predictive baseball analytics, but now their NFL betting product will shape the emerging landscape of micro-betting. They also joined forces with fantasy guru Matthew Berry.
  • Charles Rodenkirch, CEO of Sharper Sense is excited to share that they recently published a mini-review in Frontiers in Neuroscience by our founding team discussing the exciting potential of using neuromodulation to enhance the senses. You can read that here.
  • Dibz founder, Brennon D’Souza was selected by the Consulate General of Canada to represent Canada’s most promising sports tech startups at a convention in SoFi Stadium.
  • HeadVantage partnered with The Sports Playmaker to help raise capital and penetrate Europe with our solution. Last month we saw the press release from Tobii, our eye-tracking technology partner.

See what our other SportsTech alumni have been up to in our featured article: Keeping Up with the Alums.

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The Portland Thorns are crowned champions of the National Women’s Soccer League after defeating the Kansas City Current 2-0, their third NWSL title. This year, the league shattered attendance records by seeing 1 million fans attend matches.

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