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Our startups are changing the game in sports technology.

Here’s a quick introduction to all of the teams in the inaugural Comcast NBCUniversal SportsTech class.

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Ane Swim, A William Pleshette Company Atlanta, GA

Ane Swim designs advanced swimming apparel for diverse swimmers and aims to eliminate the barriers that keep people from enjoying the water. The Ane Swimwear product provides hair protection and the ability to keep hair completely dry so that everyone can enjoy the freedom of swimming.

Audazzio San Antonio, Texas

Audazzio uses proprietary ultrasonic tone technology to transmit and receive data, interactions, beacons, and messages between devices in locations where traditional wireless communications are impossible or impractical.

Dibz Toronto, Canada

For event venues that have unsold seat inventory, Dibz provides a text messaging solution for guests to instantly upgrade their seats.

Eon Media Toronto, Canada

Eon Media’s flagship solution allows broadcasters to detect logos in real-time during a live game and generate accurate brand exposure data across the arena, players and gear, graphic overlays, and commercial breaks generating accurate ROI measurement.

GlobalM Geneva, Switzerland

GlobalM provides broadcast quality mobile streaming solutions to media outlets and broadcasters featuring an internet based secure video streaming network that meets all the requirements for reliable high-quality, low-latency LIVE or file-based video delivery.

nVenue Dallas, Texas

Real-time predictive analytics designed for fan engagement that points the fan to the live game, nVenue’s AI/ML software delivers powerful play-by-play insights that can inform and improve the broadcast and fan experience before each play.

Safety Skin Cleveland, Ohio

Safety Skin develops and sells reflective skin and body care products to help cyclists, runners, and others prevent accidents and improve roadside safety.

Sharper Sense New York, New York

Sharper Sense develops a neural interface that enhances athletes’ perceptual ability, leading to enhanced awareness and reaction times during training and competition.

StreamRecap Los Angeles, California

StreamRecap, a RIOT Games partner, builds video solutions for the booming market of eSports teams, leagues, and streamers with a focus on instant automatic highlights and coaching tools.

XiQ Atlanta, GA

XiQ develops smart devices that replace the conventional key ignition on most non-automotive vehicles, including golf carts and construction vehicles. They enable security, fleet IoT, and mobility sharing solutions to alleviate the transportation challenges facing many communities today.