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Want Better Seats? SportsTech Startup Dibz Tackles Ticketing Options

Recently, we had the chance to catch up with our alumni from the first SportsTech class. We asked them how they’re doing, lessons they learned from building with us during the pandemic, and what’s next. This is the first in a series of our new Startup Showcase Stories we’ll be publishing over the next two months.

When Dibz founder Brennon D’Souza joined the inaugural cohort for the Comcast SportsTech Accelerator in early 2021, many of the world’s stadiums were closed to fans.

Like much of the sports tech world during the last year, there were many questions about where live sports would go next.

“Joining the accelerator during the pandemic has taught us to adapt and learn new ways of doing things,” D’Souza said in a recent conversation with the SportsTech Team.

From Bad Seat to Amazing Seat

Dibz stands apart from other ticketing platforms in that they’re trying to enhance the fan experience by allowing them to upgrade their seats once they’re in the stadium via text messaging.

This is a problem that every stadium in the world faces as they need to turn inventory and now, Dibz has solved the problem and there is zero middleman—no app, no visit to the ticket booth. Fans simply get up and walk to their new seat.

Accelerating Partnerships

The doors opened to stadiums across the country for Brennon, which helped get his product into the hands of leagues and stadium operators that needed his solution.

“We have talked to NASCAR, the NBA, NHL. We talked to Major League Soccer,” Brennon explained. These conversations were a lightbulb moment for him in the accelerator program. “This moment occurred when pro sports teams started reaching out to us to solve their problems, and that we actually had solutions ready for them,” he said.

It’s one thing to be working on a concept, but what elevates relationships is when a product is consumer-ready almost immediately, like Dibz was.

“I think part of our conversation with them is how we progress from implementation day one to what a long-term strategic roadmap looks like. They have the opportunity to release a product today that is appealing and has value and grow into a company that has so many more potential applications in the sports and entertainment space,” says Sam Ebb, VP, Business Strategy and Analytics, Comcast Spectacor.

SportsTech Built on Relationships 

Brennon enjoyed the ability to meet and network with other like-minded entrepreneurs in the same cohort, who were all tackling the same sports tech challenges.

“I really enjoyed the camaraderie with my fellow founders, we were all in the same boat so we all could lean on each other for advice and problem solving. One of the hardest parts of the program was the amount of information being thrown at us, but it was also a blessing in disguise as we needed that level of engagement to succeed. I was surprised at the level of exposure we had to the sports industry,” Brennon said.

“The main advice I would have is to be patient and learn how to connect the dots, with all that is being thrown at you. Absorb as much as you can and lean on the mentors that are there to help you,” he said.

What’s Next for Dibz?

Since graduating from our accelerator, Dibz has seen significant traction with professional and collegiate teams.

“Our traction has grown significantly since we left the program, we are now in Trials with the Atlanta Braves and Penn State, we have also signed partnerships with Ticket Master and TDC all of which are huge accomplishments for a startup of our size. We are looking to do a lot more after our POCS and then put out a press release involving our new partnerships,” Brennon said.

Brennon also said to keep an eye out in the coming months to continue following what will surely be an exciting Dibz story.

“Our company is growing and evolving right now. we will have a big update for you soon.”

Be sure to check out Dibz at their website, Instagram, and Facebook.

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