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Startup Showcase: How Audazzio is Bringing Ultrasonic Tech to Sports

Jets soar over the stadium before the game. Fireworks pop and sizzle after a score. The stadium comes alive with a roar.

Half the fun of going to a game is the soundtrack of the stadium. The future of that fun for fans will be in engaging with the setlist.

Audazzio uses a new ultrasonic landscape as a way to influence the way fans feel, hear, and interact with their favorite sports.

Already, Audazzio has tested their tech at the Comcast Spectacor Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia and with NBC on TV implementations.

Recently, we chatted with Emma Gaona, Director of Administration at Audazzio about their experiences since joining our accelerator.

You joined our accelerator program during a global pandemic, one of the most challenging times in modern history—what did that teach you about yourself and the work you’re doing as a startup founder?
It taught us, as a team, to work with the circumstances we were given.

Was there a moment in the program when you realized that joining the program was not just a good decision, but an important shift for your business and momentum as a startup?
Everyday. The program gave us access to the expertise we would have not had otherwise and broadened our world.

What aspect of the program did you enjoy the most? What was the hardest part for you? What surprised you?
We enjoyed meeting with the NBC partners and the SportsTech mentors. They helped us realize what direction we should move towards. The part that was the most difficult was keeping up with the video immersion program at the same time as the Sports Tech program.

You’ve had a few months since you’ve finished the program. Tell us about your traction since – media coverage, new customers, milestones, growth, investment, etc.?
Recently, we completed a $1M funding round, secured new leadership, completely reengineered our technology, created the new Audazzio brand, filed our first patent, and started initial trials with NBC.

What advice do you have for our next class of SportsTech startups?
Leverage the mentors, relationships, and opportunities that are available to you because of the program.

A Future in Sound

Audazzio uses ultrasonic tones (that is, sound beyond the limits of human hearing) to communicate with user devices. This tech could replace QR codes or communicate with fans at outdoor stadiums with internet connectivity issues.

Even more exciting, ultrasonic sound can help broadcasters synchronize devices with live streams where they can predict the next play or see the action as it unravels in real-time.

While so much attention is focused on the way we watch sports, Audazzio is betting that the way we hear sports is another exciting path forward to changing the game forever.

You can learn more about Audazzio on their website and Twitter.

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