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Startup Showcase: How Eon Media is Boosting Streaming for Broadcasters

The way we watch and engaged with sports has changed exponentially within the last few years.

Now, it’s more than tuning into a cable channel to watch your favorite sporting event. It’s easier than ever to consume events on your phone or laptop. For broadcasters, this means constantly innovating with regards to streaming.

Eon Media, who recently completed our SportsTech Accelerator, is working on solutions that help broadcasters detect on-screen logos during sporting events in real-time. From there, they can generate accurate brand exposure data across an arena, athlete’s jersey or gear, graphic overlays, and during commercial breaks. Eon has also been able to reduce streaming latency from 40+ seconds to net-zero, which equates to massive savings in video content processing times.

So far, the technology has been used during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and most recently with our partner USA Cycling.

Recently, we talked with Eon Media’s CEO and founder, Ashish Agrawal, about lessons he learned during the SportsTech Accelerator and what Eon is working on next.

You joined our accelerator program during a global pandemic, one of the most challenging times in modern history—what did that teach you about yourself and the work you’re doing as a startup founder?
That we need to continue to push forward despite all rejections and be open to feedback and advice to optimize the plans and products.

Was there a moment in the program when you realized that joining the program was not just a good decision, but an important shift for your business and momentum as a startup?
The moment when we gained interest with three U.S. Olympic Teams really confirmed to us that this partnership with Comcast SportsTech was a great decision.

What aspect of the program did you enjoy the most? What surprised you?
The part I enjoyed most is mentorship and talking with the direct decision-makers. T. The part that surprised me was that how all the partners opened up about their pain points once they knew about the NDA being signed with our company.

You’ve had a few months since you’ve finished the program. Tell us about your traction since – media coverage, new customers, milestones, growth, and investments?
We provided our brand recognition ROI solution to USA Cycling and USA Swimming which was also used for ROI data gathering during the Tokyo Olympics 2020. That was a surreal moment. We have also since gotten exposure through media channels about our official partnership announcement with USA Cycling leading to huge visibility to other sports organizations across the world.

What are you working on right now that you’re most excited about? Or, what new sports tech trends do you see that are most exciting?
Well, there are some new NDA’d products that we are working on which we are planning on unveiling during CES 2022…

Can’t wait to hear about that. In closing, what advice do you have for our next class of SportsTech startups?
Use each and every introduction and keep giving your 100% no matter what, even if it doesn’t become successful. Try to close the loop for each opportunity to ensure the stakeholders on both sides are clear with the final positioning of the relationship.

The Future of Streaming is Bright

With new ways to stream, startups are finding new opportunities to create technology. Eon Media’s AI-based platform is already a game-changer for broadcasters’ ability to track sponsorships and brands during televised events and live streams. This is generating ROI that physically shows up during broadcasts in ways that never were possible a few years ago. Find out more about Eon Media on their website and keep track of their progress on Twitter.

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