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Sports Technology Moves Forward Without Sports



When we’re forced to drastically change the ways we work and live, we have a chance to think up new ideas and paradigms. And history has shown that world-changing ideas can come about in times of social crisis. Isaac Newton, for one, discovered the laws of gravity during the Great Plague of London in 1665-66.

Now, amidst a global pandemic, the sports world is in need of innovation and new ways of thinking. 

The one sport that may flourish the most going forward is esports. Unlike every other mainstream sport, esports can be played online, remotely, and mass tournaments can still be held virtually. And with sports fans itching to watch anything sort of competition, how do esports leagues turn fans of other sports into lifelong esports fans? 

Eventually, we will be able to leave our homes and sports leagues will either pick up where they left off or begin anew. When that happens, will fans rush back to the stadiums and arenas to watch games and be amongst thousands in close quarters? There is a real possibility that crowded stadiums are no longer a staple of our future. We will be there firsthand to see how the media responds to this, both in terms of entertainment and advertisement. We’ll be on the frontlines as broadcast sports events change. We’ll watch networks and bandwidths evolve during the sports hiatus. As connectivity shapes fan behavior we’ll witness owners of multi-billion dollar venues entice fans to return in potentially hard economic times. 

Currently, engagement between players and fans has blossomed in the social media age, but it starts in the venue around games. With sports having gone dark, how will those interactions continue and is there a way to engage with players in a new way, and will it still hold once the games resume?

There are so many questions that, together, we can find potential solutions. It is a time to imagine new platforms, new ways to engage with athletes beyond the social media that we have now, innovations in player and event safety. 

While gyms are closed, people are looking for ways to stay fit—and to help regulate stress levels. There are so many ways to imagine the future.

Can players utilize their training habits to bring workouts to fans and their phones? Will fans be able to “workout” with their favorite player in their living rooms or backyards? What innovations can be made for event safety? 

These are the types of questions that Comcast SportsTech was created to help answer. An accelerator program powered by Comcast NBCUniversal, it’s designed to bring new ideas to the market so teams and athletes can gain a technological edge. This is a first-of-its-kind accelerator, focusing on how sports tech can change sports for the better.

Comcast SportsTech is a 12-week program, where entrepreneurs receive $50,000 in seed capital, an in-depth training curriculum, and up to $1.7 million in other perks and benefits. It features partnerships with NBC Sports, NASCAR, GOLF, SkySports, Comcast Ventures, US Ski & Snowboard, USA Swimming and Boomtown Accelerators to provide entrepreneurs with unprecedented access to top tier executives, advisors and mentors. The time is ripe for innovation and new ideas. 

Learn more about the program and partners by visiting Comcast SportsTech and we encourage you to apply at this link. In a time when everything’s changing isn’t it the perfect opportunity to change the game?

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