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Call For Startups: Comcast SportsTech is Changing the World of Sports, For Good

Ready to help change the future of sports? If you just caught yourself nodding, we want to see what you’ve got!

The future of sports needs winning ideas, and we’d like to start with yours. At Comcast SportsTech Accelerator, we help bridge the divide between the enterprise and startups that help make sports teams and professional athletes more competitive. Sport thrives on speed. And we know that startups like yours are doing the same to move fast, innovate quickly, and change the competitive landscape forever.

We have available roster spots for the next team of entrepreneurs, founders, and startups building companies that will have a positive impact on sports technology.

Does that sound like you? We encourage you to apply because the world of sports needs you more than ever.

Consider this: In the last three months, sports raced back to life. We went from darkened arenas and bubbles to professional sports stadiums filled to near capacity.

If 2020 was all about getting sports up and running safely, 2021 it’s about continuing to keep fans safe, establish safety protocols, improve the stadium experience, and keep fans emotionally (and financially) invested in the teams and players they love, no matter where they’re at. There are many great challenges to help solve for sports as they return and there’s never been a more exciting time to be part of it all.

If creating something unique or you’re seeing ways technology can help enhance the way these athletes train and play, we’re very interested in chatting with you.

An Accelerator Forged With Strong Partnerships

We have a growing list of partners positioned to help you where you need it most and they’re plugged into the world of professional and competitive sports.

Our partners are engaging in the sports tech arena and are always looking for creative thinkers who are aligned with applying technology to one of our many investment areas.

What Makes Our Accelerator Unique

When you apply to the Comcast SportsTech Accelerator, you’re taking the step to work with a truly one-of-a-kind program. Here’s what makes us unique:

Collaboration. Creating a concept or taking a product to market can be a lonely and challenging endeavor. Why go it alone? In our accelerator, you’ll get the support and compassion from mentors who’ve gone through it before.

Curriculum. Our program is custom-built for you and your sports ideas. While many accelerators are created purely for finding the next big tech startup, we are looking for the best ideas to help impact the world of sports. We’re unique in what we’re doing and we have the supporting cast to help you.

Investors. The people who can potentially fund your product in the future will be part of the process from day one.

Customers. Getting your product to market often involves finding the best customers. For sports, we have access to unique touchpoints that represent your future customers and clients: Professional athletes and sports teams.

Accomplished Alums. If you’re accepted, you’ll be joining an accelerator program that has a solid track record of positioning teams to success. Immediately following our Demo Day this spring, teams landed 16 partnerships and pilots based on their work and pitches. We’re happy to always showcase these successful teams and tell you where they’re at now.

Why Choose Us?

We’re in for an exhilarating year of sports with the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo as well as the usual annual sporting events from the Daytona 500 to the Masters. Without a doubt, technology will directly influence and change the way these sports are played and how fans watch them.

Application Tips

As you continue to perfect your application, we invite you to read over our FAQs to set you up for success.

Here are some other tips to help you with your application

  • List your team. Whether you’re going solo or with a small team, be sure to tell us about your team members and their unique experiences.
  • Share startup experiences. We think that previous startup experience helps shape the work you’ll do in our program and we’d like to hear where you’ve worked and what you worked on building.
  • Forward-thinking. Think about the goals you want to accomplish while you’re with us, and imagine what they are and how you can best leverage our team and partners during the three-month program.
  • Know your customer. You don’t have to have customers to join our program, but it really helps to understand who your target customer is and how you can help them.
  • Show us your value. Frame your idea or startup through the lens of a value proposition that shows us how you are actively solving problems for your customers that nobody else can do as well as you.
  • No such thing as a bad idea. If you don’t see a vertical your idea works for, don’t worry. We still want to see your project. What makes sports tech so powerful is that tomorrow’s biggest sports technology is one we’re not even aware of yet, and we know you are working on those challenges at this very moment.

What Our Alums Think

Here is what some of our alumni are saying about their experiences in our accelerator program:

On the value of being prepared to work with the best in the business:

“This program brought us enormous value beyond our imagination. We were ready for the highest levels of success through training, intros, partnerships, coaching…. literally working with the best of the best—day in and day out—and getting knee-deep in sports tech and fan engagement with folks we would NEVER have been able to get to on our own.” – Kelly Pracht, nVenue

On working with our program and mentors every single step of the way: 

The partners have been there for us every step of the way, every day we find out something new from one of them and they’re very open to helping us in any way they can. And I don’t think this ends at the end of the program. I think they’re there for us forever.” – Roy Terracina, Sonar

On connecting with the people you need to be successful, from day one: 

“With Comcast NBCUniversal backing it, we knew the program would be something special coming in. Yet we were still blown away with the tailored and interactive instruction, the experienced mentors perfectly matched to our company’s needs, and the tremendous effort the SportsTech team made to provide us direct access to decision-makers at top sports groups like NASCAR and US Ski and Snowboard.”– Charles Rodenkirch, CEO Sharper Sense

Apply Now!

We believe that there’s never been a more exciting time to create technology that can help change the world of sports for good. Your application is the first step towards something truly incredible!

Applications close on July 15.

Start Application    

It’s about to be game time. Join us.


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