Inside Track

Broadcast Talent Bidding Heats Up


Tony Romo is now at the top of the sports broadcasting world. His new deal with CBS will reportedly pay him $180 million over the next 10 years. That’s substantially more than he was ever paid to lead the Dallas Cowboys. Romos has almost instantly won over fans and pundits alike with his magician-like ability to predict playcalls and break down schemes. 

The network was facing increasing pressure for Romo’s services from ESPN, and is a pretty significant get because next year, the Super Bowl broadcast rights shift to CBS. 

Also, now that ESPN wasn’t able to secure the talents of Romo, are they looking to make a move of their own? The New York Post reported that they were looking to, no joke, trade for NBC’s Al Michaels. The hope would be to pair Michaels with former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning in a bid to revive their Monday Night Football franchise. NBC has a nice transition plan in place in Mike Tirico, and a move of this magnitude could be a nice career-ender for Al, putting him back in the Monday Night Football booth as a legacy play.

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