Together, we’ll change the game

Here’s how we’ll work with you in the accelerator


Win With a Strong Foundation

Our accelerator program will provide you with ample opportunities to examine and strengthen the essentials to building a successful business that fits into the world of sports — from finance and fundraising to branding and sales. The world of sports moves fast, and we’ll set you up for success.

  • Identify target customers and tap into new markets
  • Build financial models, accurately forecast, and develop funding strategies
  • Connect your unique vision and mission to branding, marketing, and fundraising
  • Learn new lessons and techniques to tackle the right things at the right moment

Hone and Execute Your Core Strategy

Comcast SportsTech provides the time, space, and feedback to quickly build, test, iterate, and learn — the necessary ingredients to get traction on your product and graduate with clarity about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

  • Identify and articulate your company’s key innovations
  • Experiment on core assumptions to validate your direction
  • Build successful storytelling that engages customers and startup investors

Assemble Your Dream Team

What separates Comcast SportsTech from other accelerators is access to a global network of partners that will serve as your advisors, coaches, experts, and mentors. Together, they’ll assist you every step of the way, encouraging your progress and cheering for your success.

  • We’ll connect you to the perfect partners from Comcast’s global network
  • Tap our network to learn about ways to sidestep the difficult issues you’ll encounter around branding, financial, legal, sales, marketing and fundraising
  • Nothing inspires victory more than connecting to those who’ve accomplished it before you. Our vast alumni network puts you in contact with fellow founders and company builders

What you get


Investment Capital

Entrepreneurs and founders selected for this cohort will receive $50,000 seed capital plus all accelerator benefits, in exchange for a minimum of 6% common stock.

3 Month


Sports is rapidly changing, and our programming adapts content to educate, support, and set up entrepreneurs to win and succeed when, and where, they need it most.


In Perks

In addition, participating teams will receive $1.7 million in perks as well as invaluable connections to the biggest players and professionals in the sporting world.

What we’ve done

We invite selected startups to participate in a 12-week, custom startup accelerator. Our program is powered by Boomtown Accelerators, a Boulder, Colorado-based organization that has invested in more than:




Companies in Operation


Capital Raised




What types of companies are you looking for?

We are a sports technology accelerator, so we look for teams that are developing a product with a technology focus. Most importantly, we look for teams with coachable founders that are solving meaningful problems, regardless of the industry or vertical. We actively consider breakthrough opportunities that can benefit from the Comcast/Boomtown partnership. We encourage teams from around the globe to apply, but teams must be able to join us in Atlanta for the entire 12-week program.

Is my startup too early/too far along?

Successful teams in our program arrive in many different stages. Some have an idea or early prototype, while others have paying customers and have raised funding. We look for startups that are willing to ask tough questions about their business, act on feedback, and pivot if necessary. If a team has fully established their business, market, customer, product, etc, then that company is too far along for us. Because our program caters to individual needs and constantly evolves to best serve the entrepreneur, we’re able to nurture great ideas from nearly any stage of a startup evolution.

Do I have to be based in Atlanta for the 3-month program?

We require you to be physically present at our offices in The Battery in Atlanta, for the entire 12 weeks of the program. However, if you have to travel during the program for things like business development, fundraising, etc., we will work to accommodate your needs during the program. To companies coming from out-of-state, we recommend but do not require that you remain in Atlanta for a couple of weeks or months after the program to leverage the connections you will make with investors, customers, and/or Comcast during the program.

How much funding do you give in exchange for how much equity?

Each startup receives $50,000 plus all of the accelerator benefits in exchange for a minimum of 6% common stock. We provide each company a rigorous 12 week program and perks valued at over $1.7M (and growing). Program perks include hundreds of thousands of dollars in hosting benefits from Google, Amazon, SoftLayer, as well as substantial discounts on software and other products and services that startups often need, like MailChimp, SendGrid, plus outsourcing, marketing and design services

How many founders should we have?

Ideally, we’d like at least two full-time founders to be physically present in Atlanta for the 12 weeks of the program. We like to have a CEO and CTO, so you have a diversity of skillsets represented in the program. However, we know that every company is different. If this is not possible for you, we still encourage you to apply, or to reach out to us so we can better understand your situation. It is possible to have a successful company as a solo founder, but we have found that in order to fully maximize the resources we provide you during the program, you need at least two people.

What is the application deadline? When does the program run?

Final deadline is August 15. The program will kick off in Atlanta on February 22 running for 12 weeks with Demo Day on May 13.

What if I have made significant changes to my application? How do I provide updates?

On your F6S application, there is an option to provide updates to your application. We append these updates to your application.

When do I expect to be notified about the status of my application, if I already applied?

We are in the process of reviewing all applications that have come in. We will notify teams as their applications are reviewed.

Should I apply now or wait until the August 15 deadline?

The sooner you apply, the more time we have to review and research your company, so we recommend applying sooner than later.

Do you accept founders from outside of the U.S.?

Yes, we welcome applicants from around the world.

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