How to Get Involved

Refer a Startup

People who build awesome things tend to surround themselves with like minded connectors and thought leaders. If you know of a founder building amazing things in the world of sports and tech, send them our way.

Refer a Partner

We’re bringing a lot of partners to the field of play. What separates SportsTech from other accelerators is access to a global network of sports industry, technology and media partners that will serve as advisors, coaches, experts, and mentors. Together, they’ll assist our startups every step of the way, encouraging progress and steering them towards success. If you would like to learn more about partnering, get in touch.

Become a Mentor

Startups have difficult waters to navigate.If you’ve been on that gridiron and have a passion to guide then you’re in the right place. We hand-select startup mentors for each program, ranging from tech mentors and business experts to startup pitch deck coaches. Mentors are an important part of the accelerator program and are vital key to our success. You can apply to be a lead, content, or strategic mentor.

Apply as a Startup

We are looking for the next generation of entrepreneurs and startup founders actively changing the world of competitive and professional sports. If you are a startup and are ready to shape the future of sports, fill out an application before the August 15, 2021 deadline.

Join Us at an Event

It’s gameday! The events landscape of sports and tech is dynamic and exciting. We are involved in industry and sports-related events from local tech meetups to global conferences in many different ways. What’s on your radar? Let us know where you’re going so that we can meet up in person.

Refer a Speaker

Our team of thought leaders are spreading the word about this accelerator at events across the globe. If you or someone you know is a subject matter expert with a passion for entrepreneurship, deep sports technology knowledge, and innovative approaches to pushing the boundaries of sports – we want to hear from you.

Engage as an Investor

Investment is the fuel to propel SportsTech startups. Your passion gets everyone a few yards closer to the goal line. Accredited investors who are looking to get involved in our investment categories or want to join us at an investor event, reach out to learn more.

Stay Connected & Share Your Ideas

We’re always open to new ways to partner and work together. There are many ways to stay involved. After all, there are no shortage of ideas out there! Reach out to us via social or direct.